Wildheart by ESC Fall 13

Wildheart by ESC fall 13

Hello fall so happy to see you! If your like me you can’t wait to throw on the hats, scarfs, coats and layers of clothing that makes fall and winter so fun to dress for. I just discovered the new line Wildheart by ESC and so far I want every piece. My stand out favorites are the poncho above, the green maxi dress and the perfect as can be floral embroidered mini shift dress both in cream and green. The line is produced in L.A. which which makes it even more attractive!

Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13

Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13


To see the whole collection visit Wildheart by ESC!


friday flash back: Sassy Magazine

 Sassy Magazine Cover, 1992 [source]

Johnny Depp Sassy Cover, 1990

Milla Jovovich, 1992 [source]

Chloe Sevigny, 1992 [source]

Penelope Cruz (those sneakers!), 1994 [source]

Liv Tyler, 1995

Amy Smart, Axl Rose Fashion Editorial (i want those leggings), 1992 [source]

Mayim Bialik from Blossom, 1992

Curt Cobain & Courtney Love, 1992

 Fashion Editorial, 1992 [source]

Shoe Editorial, 1993

Fashion Editorial, 1994 [source]

Fashion Editorial, 1994 [source]

Fashion Editorial (love the vintage dress, only $28 at the time), 1994 [source]

Sassy doing Vintage 80’s in the early 90’s

Does this not speak volumes today?! I love it! [source]

Okay, who grew up with Sassy Magazine? Hand raised, I did! While writing this post I was going down memory lane. All the above fashions I wore; I completely had forgotten about the brand “Hot Sox” (picture with the shoes). I had a bunch of Hot Socks down to that very rainbow pair pictured. It was so much fun remembering all those fashions from my generation. I loved how Sassy did not advertise over my budget fashions like I see in many teen magazines today. I remember all those faces that graced it’s pages too, some which I miss seeing today like River Phoenix. Also all those who were making things happen at the time in the music, film and fashion world. I enjoyed reading the “Dear Boy” advice column from guys such as Thurston Moore and Evan Dando, they were funny. And wow, how about those two last pictures which seem ahead of there time, 80’s fashion in the 90’s; I mean we were wearing vintage then but not 80’s! We thought 80’s was tacky as teens, Sassy did it right here. And the funny poses article which is relevant today, ahem “duck lips”. I miss you Sassy, I wonder how you would be today.