4th of July Sale!

GISELAANDZOEVINTAGEThe SHOP is having a 25% off store wide blow out 4th of July sale! Don’t miss out, many of these cute items are at rock bottom prices! Happy 4th of July week to you!


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vintage for many occasion


A few of our favorite vintage pieces from last weeks and this up coming weeks shop update. There is literally an eclectic mix of pieces for every occasion!

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Hope you had a great New Years week!



Hi Guys! This vintage cuteness is all in the shop right now. Click on the pictures to get the full details!

I have to say the blue stove pipe pants are my favorite, I have been looking for a pair for me that fits my hips properly because these have the tendency to make them look bigger!
Our shop: Gisela&Zoe


Outfit Details:
Banana Republic scoop top, thrift
Teal colored jeans, borrowed from Karen at
Vintage 80s Ikat belt, borrowed from the shop here
Cote Ikat tote bag, Urban Outfitters
Bangled cuff bracelet, gift
Onyx ring, F21
Vintage 70s Elephant Heart bead necklace, thrift
Can you tell Zoe and I were having a little fun with this outfit shoot! I always enjoy my little photographer helping me out; a nice change from looking at a tripod. Loose jeans are my ultimate favorite comfortable outfit besides cotton sun dresses. And it’s perfectly coincidental that this color is trending right now since these are borrowed from my buddy Karen, whom purchased them a few years ago. It really gives the outfit a perky and eye-catching look. 
On this day Zoe and I were pretty much on a, laid back, go with the flow kind of kick. We took Cody to have a little fun at the dog park and ended the day at yummy In and Out. We are just bursting with excitement about our trip to Austin / San Antonio Texas coming this Wednesday. My little brother will be graduating from the air force and many of my family members are going to support him. I’m so proud of him! I’m also going to take advantage and make it into a buying trip and can’t wait to show you what goodies I come back with!


Hi all! Yes, I am still alive! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been on last, and within those 2 weeks both Zoe and I have been battling flu’s and the falling behind syndrome. It’s nice to be back although I admit the break was nice too! 
As you can see I am taking full advantage of the warm weather and dusting off all the flirty spring dresses. I’ve been tremendously enjoying the hot sun; we’ve been getting 75 to 81 degree weather here in Southern California. Zoe and I have been enjoying use of our lawn, spreading out the blanket, making vanilla chai smoothies and digging our feet into the grass. It’s been care free and relaxing, my ideal. How’s the weather around your parts?
Vintage 1990s sailor floral dress, I am in love with the fluttery sailor collar, borrowed from shop
Late 1990s Nine West booties, Ross
Black ankle socks, Target
Black over-sized rose ring, F21


Happy start of the week! I am starting to roll out skirts perfect for the spring season. I have to say, from this batch I am in love with the silk roses skirt due to it’s bold colors, the ikat skirt and the pumpkin linen skirt in the perfect shade of orange. As always click on the picture to get the details:



Woo-hoo, it’s almost that time of the season where I can wait to be sporting some of the outfit’s from above! It’s always fun planning potential outfits out on my living room floor. In this case some of the items will be hitting the shop in the next couple of weeks. How amazing is that vintage 1970’s giraffe bathing suit? It’s quickly become one of my favorite bathing suit finds which will be added in the shop. The Guatemalan messenger bag will be hitting our stand alone web store in the summer! They are authentic bags made in Guatemala and not China, like many of the replica’s out there. Can’t wait till then!


As fickle as the weather has been here in Southern California, the smells of spring are already in the air. The sweet smell of magnolia hits Zoe and I as we head out the door for our daily morning ritual of walking our dog Cody; a very nice scent to awaken too I must say. As I mentioned last blog post, I’m working this week with Misha Lulu and we are all hustling to get Fall 12 samples done by this Friday! Comfort was key, so decided on a Mexican bohemian look on this surprisingly warm day. I threw on my favorite high-waist bell bottom jeans and paired it with a very cozy cotton embroidered top. It gave me enough arm space to do my “thang”, like cutting lots of garments! I think I could of gone with-out the platform sandals, but hey, a girl just wants to look cute!
Vintage 1970s high-waist bell bottom Levis, flea market. Vintage 1970s cotton Mexican embroidered top, gift. Vintage 1970s gold & wood bead necklace, thrift. Vintage 1970s wood bracelet, thrift. Platform sandals, Target.
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


I was having way too much fun wearing this snuggly over-sized sweater on this day. I was going to Misha LuLu headquarters to work on finishing fall 12 samples and I knew comfort was a must. First off, I’ve had my eye on it since the day I bought it for the shop two weeks back. Secondly, once I tried it on I did not want to take it off; this sweater is perfectly over-sized, comfortable and cute as heck! Lastly, I’m resisting not keeping it, but I think my resistance has grown weak once I did this outfit post for it. I wanted to show the sweater on the body because I feel that the dress form did not do it justice. I think certain vintage pieces are best modeled, especially styled so you can see how the garment comes to life. Sometimes you need a little imagination to show the garments true qualities…..

Vintage 1980s Over-sized Cream Sweater, Gisela&Zoe Vintage
BDG High-waist Blue Jeans, Urban Outfitters
Vintage 1980’s Leather Wrap Brown Boots, thrift
Black and Gold Fake Onyx Ring, F21



Hi Guys! Even though Spring is slowly creeping in it’s still pretty darn cold in many states. I’ve been suffering here in Southern California because one day it’s hot and the next day it’s cold. It’s like a tease and I can’t take this cold weather any more! Any-hoo, for those of you still suffering like me or those who embrace the cold, the shop has been filled with an array of colorful, soft and snuggly sweaters and cardigans sure to keep you warm while looking cute! 
Click on the pictures to get the full scoop: