mother / daughter style: summer ease

GISELAANDZOE4GISELAANDZOE16GISELAANDZOE3On Zoe: chambray shirt, Hollister / lace skirt, Abercrombie / suede chukka shoes, Vans / chain link purse, Forever 21

GISELAANDZOE10GISELAANDZOE7On me: heather tank, Urban Outfitters / vintage tribal harem pants, thrift / vintage wooden necklace, thrift / embroidered Guatemalan pouch bag, Honduran streets / rhinestone sandals, to old to remember

GISELAANDZOE6GISELAANDZOE5GISELAANDZOE2GISELAANDZOE1Summer pushes you to get creative with your wardrobe. With the searing heat beaming down most days I just want to be in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. I rekindled my love affair for Carrie Bradshaw’s style after being reminded how much I admired it through B. Jones Style “What Would Carrie Wear” series post. Patricia Fields has such a knack in styling so eclectically. I love her mix of prints and the way she styled with vintage pieces. And of course those amazing shoes! This reminded me of my own shoe collection and prompted me to dust off many shoes that have not seen day light in many years ( like the shoes worn in this post, it’s been 10)!

I’m glad I did go into the deepest crevices of my closet forgetting that I myself collected all styles of shoes. I’ve always considered myself to be eclectic style wise, but some how forgot that along the way. Not only did I remind myself of this but not having a budget for shoes at the moment I have in a way “new shoes”!

On this day, Zoe and I were really enjoying the weather. We had a great experience visiting a new Church and a laughter filled lunch date with friends. Zoe had a preppy boho vibe going on, with the cutest suede chukka shoes paired with lace skirt. I tease her now because she always stated how she did not like “vintage clothes” but I see her embracing a bit of the bohemian style proving our taste does always evolve!



high-waist & stripes


(striped top: F21 / vintage 70s high-waist pants: thrift / vintage patent leather belt: thrift / pea coat: F21 / vintage Mod 60s purse: Gisela&Zoe / clogs: MIA / gold bracelet: thrift / bow ring: F21)

It is no secret I adore this striped top, I’ve worn it so many times in a few of my outfit post! Do you do that? Do you get infatuated with an item and wear it till you get bored or someone points out to you that you’ve worn that outfit twice this week! Haha, I do it all the time…I don’t mind.

California weather these days is always a mystery, you leave home with a coat by early afternoon you’re stripping it off. It’s one of my kiddo’s top complaints when dressing for the day. I guess what’s good about that as Miami girls is that at least we get to wear coats, something to be desired in my case because I love the change of seasons!

mother daughter style: into the woods

giselaandzoe7It feels great to get back into the blogging world! Especially starting with a Mother / Daughter style post which is becoming one of my favorite things to do with my daughter Zoe. Not only do we have fun getting dressed up, but we are also capturing moments in time that we can one day look back at together. It is such a remarkable experience sharing little moments like “getting dressed” with my teenage daughter. And also seeing how much she’s grown just in the last year, especially in character; she has such a sweet and humble one that I pray will continue through adult hood.

The backdrop is one of my favorite canyons to hike in the summer called Baily Canyon. I feel so lucky just having it a couple of blocks away. Just being in the midst of it brought out so many senses. We could smell sage and eucalyptus in the air. The tree trucks look like a work of abstract art. The sun rays felt so good on the skin and all the beautiful earth tone colors were eye-popping. We were excited to see and snap a photo of a hawk circling in the air, it was so graceful and majestic. Surrounded by a beautifully created world.

giselaandzoe11 giselaandzoe10Zoe’s outfit details: boho scarf, Abercrombie & Fitch / cotton lace white tank, Hollister / denim leggings, Hollister / studded belt, Target / brown booties, Wet Seal

giselaandzoe6giselaandzoe5 giselaandzoe4My outfit detail’s: vintage 70s corduroy pants, thrift / striped fitted top, F21 / vintage 70s medallion necklace, thrift / clogs, Mia / authentic woven leather bag, Guatemala / sunnies, Target

giselaandzoe9 giselaandzoe8giselaandzoe3 giselaandzoe2Do you do mother / daughter outfit post? I would love to see them! Drop me a link in the comments section.





I look forward every fall / winter season to my colored tights! I was so delighted to find these in such a bold Mod orange along with its $8 price tag; just within this single mama’s price range! It was also nice to pull out the wool skirt, although a few hours later I had to peel off all the layers; because wouldn’t you now it, that’s Southern California weather for you. The pencil skirt is the best skirt for us girls with curves and the length with the platforms gives it that perfect proportions. My sweet friend Michele gifted me this lovely vintage 70’s printed top, with the best 1920s jazz gals on it! The top gave my outfit that bit of fun element which most of the time is the goal in my personal style. It’s lovely how friends know your style and look out for you!

outfit: Laura Ashley black wool cardigan, thrift $1 vintage 1970s printed top, gift | vintage 80s wool pencil skirt, thrift orange tights, Target $8 Mossimo black platforms, Target $29 | Mossimo sunnies, Target $17


bold polka dots

I’ve been yearning to wear this big, bad, bold sweater and finally we can feel the sweet crisp in the air coming around the corner in Los Angeles! I’m a big print fan and I love how this black and white polka dot sweater is so in your face. I couldn’t be any happier that it is a Nordtrom label and how the 100% cotton feels like a Snuggy around by body. And of course like always, being pre-owned and a thrift find is the sweetest deal of them all!

outfit: Nordstrom sweater, thrift $4 / black twill pants, H&M $24 / black zipper booties, Nine West in my closet since 2001 / bright bold lips in eucalyptus, NYX $2.99

I also fancy the bright lip combination with the black, even though fall usually calls for a more warm color palette; but that’s why personal style is so much fun. And on a side note, I’m glad my lovely photographer daughter Zoe told me to smile more…it does suit me better!

Any bold sweaters in your closet?


Pretty In Pink: The Perfect Cotton Dress


wearing: Vintage 80s Cotton Dress, thrift / Report Patent Faux Leather Sandals, Nordstrom Rack/ Mossimo Black Cat Eye Glasses,  Target  / Vintage Panamanian Malo Bag, Estate Sale / Silver Tone Onyx Ring, F21 / Vintage 70s Pendant Necklace, thrift

I’ve been trying to stay cool and sweat free as much as possible; I’m sure like many of you out there! I’ve been quite the whiner these last few weeks with the 100 degree weather throbbing on my skin. So as of late, I have not been wearing anything too dressy or that requires any layers! It’s been a simple streak and feel’s kind of unimpressive, but I guess if you think about it, it is everyday wear for those days you just want to be effortless; which pretty much has been everyday for me! The dress is a classic vintage 80’s cotton dress in a nice pop of color. I quite like the fit because even though it’s very plain it looks flattering on the body. If I could find these in all colors it would be a dream, but then it would only be what I want to wear!

I ended learning a great bit of interesting history of the bag you see above. I was stopped by a security guard in Wholefoods and was asked if my bag was Panamanian, which it was but I bought it at an estate sale. He then preceded to school me and told me that it is a handmade “mola” bag made by the indigenous people “the Kunas” from Panama, which is where he was from. I was delighted to hear it and told him that I was contemplating selling it but had fallen in love with it; to which he responded “no don’t, it’s not only a piece of art work but worth allot”! He said that Europeans go to purchase the bags and clothing and sell it at the range of $500 to $900 back home, woah! I can’t believe I only paid $3! The lady who owned the home was a world traveler. I love getting the history of clothing, it’s 2nd to buying it!

Are their any finds in which you had no idea how great the history was or that it was worth allot more then you thought?



Simplicity & Comfort

wearing: Mossimo Gladiator Sandals, Target / Max Mara Maxi Skirt, Marshalls / Black Ribbed Tank, H&M / Vintage South-Western Silver Turquoise Belt, Thrift / Silver Tone Onyx Ring, F21

Hi friends! I’ve been feeling like a hermit these days, holed up in my studio only focused on work and preparing for big shop updates! I haven’t been on any type of outing in the last 2 weeks to prompt me to get dressed in any cute sort of manner. It’s been sweat shorts, tee’s and flip flop these days, any one feeling me? The heat has been pretty unbearable here in Los Angeles, although I know you  U.S. east coaster’s have had it much worst; I can only imagine. Although black is not the wisest choice in color to wear in 90 degree weather, I wanted to dress in the simplest and most comfortable manner; and this is what I pulled out of my closet. I threw on my vintage silver turquoise south-western belt, a ring and gladiators and “wallah” instant outfit! This is when accessories come in handy, it gives any simple monotone outfit a boost of cuteness.






Nautical Striped Top, F21 / Abbey Dawn White Ripped Skinny Jeans, my old job / White Low Top Sneakers, Converse / Justin Bieber Bracelets, Hot Topic / Silver Tone Hoop Earrings, Claires

BDG Heather Tank, Urban Outfitters / Americana World Market Wrap Skirt, thrift / Mossimo Sandal Wedge, Target / Vintage 1970s Medallion Necklace, thrift / Vintage Stack of Bracelets, thrift


I’m spending my last few precious days with my Zo Zo before she heads off on summer vacation to her dad’s in Miami. We had so much fun on this day, we started with Church, then lunch at our favorite Cuban spot Porto’s; then Zoe did a little accessories shopping for her 8th grade graduation. I can not, I repeat, I can not believe she will be in high school next year! Seriously folks, when they say take hold of the baby years, you really need too because it does go by in a flash. I’m glad Zoe and I have countless great memories together!

Any of you mom’s in my boat yet?



Vintage 90s Slip Dress, thrift / Mossimo cat eye sunglasses, Target / Bow Ring, F21 / Vintage 70s Gold-Tone Elastic Bracelet, thrift / Black Ankle Socks, Target / Very Old Ankle Boots, Nine West

First off, I am smitten with this particular brick background. I like how there are areas that are uneven with more cement then in other parts; it looks like the bricks are being erased. The lighting could not have been better with it being an alley wall squeezed between two buildings. I have scribbled this particular street in my notebook as a perfect look-book location. Brick buildings have such a charm about them and make the perfect backdrop. With this weeks very sunny and hot weather, one can not help but want to be in the least amount of layers. This little floral slip dress was the perfect remedy to my A.C. – less  car. Who remembers when these were in style? Not to many years later the lingerie version became a trend. These little dresses are so easy breezy, you just throw them over your head. I kept my jewelry at a minimal to give it a more plain jane feel…I can live in easy outfits like this!

 P.S. I don’t if you caught it, but you can see my tripod in the glasses, not sure if I mind but these are the little things you sometimes forget to take into account when taking pictures…

Wishing you a happy weekend,



BDG tank, UrbanOutfittersvintage 70s cut Wrangler jean shorts, thrift / vintage 80s Ikat belt, Gisela&Zoe vintage shopvintage 70s silver medallion necklace, thrift / silver cuff bracelet, gift / onyx ring, F21 / Mossimo sunglasses, Target / Mossimo gladiator sandals (a few years old), Target

Oh these days have been gorgeous. The temperature in my town has been at a perfect 75 degrees going into the 80s. At this point, I can’t picture myself living any where else that is colder then this! I do love summer clothing and nothing beats a pair of cut up jeans in my book! I like that I can cut them to my liking in length, because with hips like mine I know how short they need to be to make my legs look just right. Plus in the retail market the selection is either too short or too Missy; I’m neither customer. So I’ll be scouring the thrifts and flea markets this summer to build up a pretty nice collection for myself, and I’m sure I’ll be doing it for half the price!

What’s your favorite summer staple?