mother daughter style

mother / daughter style: summer ease

GISELAANDZOE4GISELAANDZOE16GISELAANDZOE3On Zoe: chambray shirt, Hollister / lace skirt, Abercrombie / suede chukka shoes, Vans / chain link purse, Forever 21

GISELAANDZOE10GISELAANDZOE7On me: heather tank, Urban Outfitters / vintage tribal harem pants, thrift / vintage wooden necklace, thrift / embroidered Guatemalan pouch bag, Honduran streets / rhinestone sandals, to old to remember

GISELAANDZOE6GISELAANDZOE5GISELAANDZOE2GISELAANDZOE1Summer pushes you to get creative with your wardrobe. With the searing heat beaming down most days I just want to be in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. I rekindled my love affair for Carrie Bradshaw’s style after being reminded how much I admired it through B. Jones Style “What Would Carrie Wear” series post. Patricia Fields has such a knack in styling so eclectically. I love her mix of prints and the way she styled with vintage pieces. And of course those amazing shoes! This reminded me of my own shoe collection and prompted me to dust off many shoes that have not seen day light in many years ( like the shoes worn in this post, it’s been 10)!

I’m glad I did go into the deepest crevices of my closet forgetting that I myself collected all styles of shoes. I’ve always considered myself to be eclectic style wise, but some how forgot that along the way. Not only did I remind myself of this but not having a budget for shoes at the moment I have in a way “new shoes”!

On this day, Zoe and I were really enjoying the weather. We had a great experience visiting a new Church and a laughter filled lunch date with friends. Zoe had a preppy boho vibe going on, with the cutest suede chukka shoes paired with lace skirt. I tease her now because she always stated how she did not like “vintage clothes” but I see her embracing a bit of the bohemian style proving our taste does always evolve!



mother daughter style: into the woods

giselaandzoe7It feels great to get back into the blogging world! Especially starting with a Mother / Daughter style post which is becoming one of my favorite things to do with my daughter Zoe. Not only do we have fun getting dressed up, but we are also capturing moments in time that we can one day look back at together. It is such a remarkable experience sharing little moments like “getting dressed” with my teenage daughter. And also seeing how much she’s grown just in the last year, especially in character; she has such a sweet and humble one that I pray will continue through adult hood.

The backdrop is one of my favorite canyons to hike in the summer called Baily Canyon. I feel so lucky just having it a couple of blocks away. Just being in the midst of it brought out so many senses. We could smell sage and eucalyptus in the air. The tree trucks look like a work of abstract art. The sun rays felt so good on the skin and all the beautiful earth tone colors were eye-popping. We were excited to see and snap a photo of a hawk circling in the air, it was so graceful and majestic. Surrounded by a beautifully created world.

giselaandzoe11 giselaandzoe10Zoe’s outfit details: boho scarf, Abercrombie & Fitch / cotton lace white tank, Hollister / denim leggings, Hollister / studded belt, Target / brown booties, Wet Seal

giselaandzoe6giselaandzoe5 giselaandzoe4My outfit detail’s: vintage 70s corduroy pants, thrift / striped fitted top, F21 / vintage 70s medallion necklace, thrift / clogs, Mia / authentic woven leather bag, Guatemala / sunnies, Target

giselaandzoe9 giselaandzoe8giselaandzoe3 giselaandzoe2Do you do mother / daughter outfit post? I would love to see them! Drop me a link in the comments section.





Nautical Striped Top, F21 / Abbey Dawn White Ripped Skinny Jeans, my old job / White Low Top Sneakers, Converse / Justin Bieber Bracelets, Hot Topic / Silver Tone Hoop Earrings, Claires

BDG Heather Tank, Urban Outfitters / Americana World Market Wrap Skirt, thrift / Mossimo Sandal Wedge, Target / Vintage 1970s Medallion Necklace, thrift / Vintage Stack of Bracelets, thrift

I’m spending my last few precious days with my Zo Zo before she heads off on summer vacation to her dad’s in Miami. We had so much fun on this day, we started with Church, then lunch at our favorite Cuban spot Porto’s; then Zoe did a little accessories shopping for her 8th grade graduation. I can not, I repeat, I can not believe she will be in high school next year! Seriously folks, when they say take hold of the baby years, you really need too because it does go by in a flash. I’m glad Zoe and I have countless great memories together!

Any of you mom’s in my boat yet?



I love doing these post! It’s been a while since we’ve done one And I’ve noticed some of my most popular post I no longer do, go figure! Reflecting, re-evaluating and goal writing for 2012 is my mission this week as the year ends and a new exciting year begins. It’s been quite a journey this year, a few mistakes made along the way but what’s even better is what I’ve learned from them, can I get an Amen! On the very top of the list though most importantly is how my faith and trust has strengthened in Christ, on a more personal note. 
Well, in today’s Mother Daughter outfits Zoe and I were heading to a lovely out door wedding. For the 3rd time in 2 years Zoe wore a dress…yes! The difference this time is that she actually bought this one herself and it is all her.
It’s a pretty pale pink lace number from H&M. I thought she would naturally gravitate to the black one but to my surprise she picked this one. I loved not only seeing her in a dress but that she experimented a little and chose a new color for her closet. The color looks great on her and matched perfectly her personal trade mark style, her black low top chucks.
I wore and borrowed a vintage 1970’s dress from the Shop seen HERE. It was going to get a bit chilly so I opted for the maxi look so I could wear black tights under! I paired it with what Zoe named my gorilla coat, a faux fur coat I bought at a thrift from F21; and my Vince Camuto platform western clogs to give me that extra height. I like how maxi dresses look with platform shoes because I like the look of how it hangs. Also, if it weren’t for these shoes Zoe would surpass me in height!
I actually did accessorize this outfit quite well but forgot to put on all my bling for the shots. It gave it more of that complete Ashbury Street Bohemian look. 
Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and Zoe and I enjoyed the opportunity of dressing up! 
on Zoe:
H&M lace pale pink dress
black Chuck Taylor low top Converse
on me:

Vintage 70s floral maxi dress giselandzoe vintage shop

Vince Camuto black western platform clogs
F21 faux fur black coat from le thrift
P.S., I’ve been having fun looking up tutorials on a whole lot of everything on youtube, thanks Stephanie! I have found a few tutorials on making pictures look vintage, there will be a learning curve until I find the look that is just right. We are also going to make some video’s ourselves and have signed up for our own youtube channel, another exciting addition for 2012!