4th of July Sale!

GISELAANDZOEVINTAGEThe SHOP is having a 25% off store wide blow out 4th of July sale! Don’t miss out, many of these cute items are at rock bottom prices! Happy 4th of July week to you!


Gisela&Zoe Vintage




SHOP-UPDATE-TEMPLATE-1Spring florals and maxi dresses are starting to roll in the shop this week. Some of these items have been in the shop but are getting refreshed looks! I’m looking forward to the hotter months, how about you?

You can visit the Shop here: Gisela&Zoe


vintage for many occasion


A few of our favorite vintage pieces from last weeks and this up coming weeks shop update. There is literally an eclectic mix of pieces for every occasion!

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

Hope you had a great New Years week!



These are just a few of the goodies coming this week. It’s going to be a 40 + update, including some smashing vintage coats! Too keep up with daily updates you can follow me via Twitter; updates come in throughout the day (so it’s not very spammy) or come by the Shop!

Happy Monday,



Hi Guys! This vintage cuteness is all in the shop right now. Click on the pictures to get the full details!

I have to say the blue stove pipe pants are my favorite, I have been looking for a pair for me that fits my hips properly because these have the tendency to make them look bigger!
Our shop: Gisela&Zoe


Happy start of the week! I am starting to roll out skirts perfect for the spring season. I have to say, from this batch I am in love with the silk roses skirt due to it’s bold colors, the ikat skirt and the pumpkin linen skirt in the perfect shade of orange. As always click on the picture to get the details:



Woo-hoo, it’s almost that time of the season where I can wait to be sporting some of the outfit’s from above! It’s always fun planning potential outfits out on my living room floor. In this case some of the items will be hitting the shop in the next couple of weeks. How amazing is that vintage 1970’s giraffe bathing suit? It’s quickly become one of my favorite bathing suit finds which will be added in the shop. The Guatemalan messenger bag will be hitting our stand alone web store in the summer! They are authentic bags made in Guatemala and not China, like many of the replica’s out there. Can’t wait till then!


Hi Guys! Even though Spring is slowly creeping in it’s still pretty darn cold in many states. I’ve been suffering here in Southern California because one day it’s hot and the next day it’s cold. It’s like a tease and I can’t take this cold weather any more! Any-hoo, for those of you still suffering like me or those who embrace the cold, the shop has been filled with an array of colorful, soft and snuggly sweaters and cardigans sure to keep you warm while looking cute! 
Click on the pictures to get the full scoop:



Hi all, happy Monday! It’s a blazer update today! I hit the mall last weekend and noticed that blazers were trending this season. The irony is though, that I’ve actually had a few of these for a few years, but then again vintage is always in…
It’s hard to pick my favorites from this group, but I love the colored roll up sleeve blazers, especially the blush colored one, and the Oleg Cassini houndstooth blazer. It is so indicative of the 80’s era, bold color, bold shoulder with the mens wear twist but with the feminine fit; the best of the 80’s.
Blogger was acting wacky once again, I could not link the photos; please click the links below to get the full details:



Hi y’all! Hope this weeks been treating you good. I’ve had a very up and down week myself, which includes the melt down of my computer (insert crying here). But no, you just have to keep going no matter the obstacles and not do something stupid like throw the computer against the wall; like I wanted to do a little earlier. Thank goodness for my sweet daughter Zoe letting me borrow hers!
I’m playing catch up here, showing you some dresses and skirts I posted last week to the shop. Click the picture for full details.








Here’s to a good Friday!