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Wildheart by ESC Fall 13

Wildheart by ESC fall 13

Hello fall so happy to see you! If your like me you can’t wait to throw on the hats, scarfs, coats and layers of clothing that makes fall and winter so fun to dress for. I just discovered the new line Wildheart by ESC and so far I want every piece. My stand out favorites are the poncho above, the green maxi dress and the perfect as can be floral embroidered mini shift dress both in cream and green. The line is produced in L.A. which which makes it even more attractive!

Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13

Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13Wildheart by ESC fall 13


To see the whole collection visit Wildheart by ESC!


4th of July Sale!

GISELAANDZOEVINTAGEThe SHOP is having a 25% off store wide blow out 4th of July sale! Don’t miss out, many of these cute items are at rock bottom prices! Happy 4th of July week to you!


Gisela&Zoe Vintage


mother / daughter style: summer ease

GISELAANDZOE4GISELAANDZOE16GISELAANDZOE3On Zoe: chambray shirt, Hollister / lace skirt, Abercrombie / suede chukka shoes, Vans / chain link purse, Forever 21

GISELAANDZOE10GISELAANDZOE7On me: heather tank, Urban Outfitters / vintage tribal harem pants, thrift / vintage wooden necklace, thrift / embroidered Guatemalan pouch bag, Honduran streets / rhinestone sandals, to old to remember

GISELAANDZOE6GISELAANDZOE5GISELAANDZOE2GISELAANDZOE1Summer pushes you to get creative with your wardrobe. With the searing heat beaming down most days I just want to be in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. I rekindled my love affair for Carrie Bradshaw’s style after being reminded how much I admired it through B. Jones Style “What Would Carrie Wear” series post. Patricia Fields has such a knack in styling so eclectically. I love her mix of prints and the way she styled with vintage pieces. And of course those amazing shoes! This reminded me of my own shoe collection and prompted me to dust off many shoes that have not seen day light in many years ( like the shoes worn in this post, it’s been 10)!

I’m glad I did go into the deepest crevices of my closet forgetting that I myself collected all styles of shoes. I’ve always considered myself to be eclectic style wise, but some how forgot that along the way. Not only did I remind myself of this but not having a budget for shoes at the moment I have in a way “new shoes”!

On this day, Zoe and I were really enjoying the weather. We had a great experience visiting a new Church and a laughter filled lunch date with friends. Zoe had a preppy boho vibe going on, with the cutest suede chukka shoes paired with lace skirt. I tease her now because she always stated how she did not like “vintage clothes” but I see her embracing a bit of the bohemian style proving our taste does always evolve!


florals, fringe & the cutest overalls



It’s been a while since I’ve posted not only a blog post but a Shop Update. It’s been fun couple of weeks with 80s florals and a wave of ultra cute bohemian pieces. Above is a peak of what’s in the Shop already and what’s coming this week. All very comfortable summer pieces in excellent vintage condition!

Check out the collection at Gisela&Zoe Vintage.

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

a_4x-vertical-7When I came across the new Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony editorial a nostalgic 90’s moment happened. Although much of the early 90s was influenced by the 60’s and 70’s, I remembered having so many of these key pieces in my own closet. I had the vintage baby doll dresses, wedged patent leather open back shoes (Steve Madden, I remember), knee high striped socks, nubby cardigans, plastic girl hair clips, the list goes on and on. Everything in this collection pretty much sums up what many of my own friends were wearing in the early 90’s, it was also nice to see the now revived Vision Streetwear as well.

I also love how Ms. Sevigny who’s 38 manages to look great in all these outfits and would still wear pieces like this. It’s telling that there really is no defined “age appropriate” way of dressing these days, just as long as you can pull it well together and it looks great on you! My stand out favorites are the 60’s inspired plastic see through booties (hello can I say cuuuuute) the patent leather platforms and all the dresses! It was hard editing down which pictures I would post on the blog because I adored them all, the full scope is over at The Cut.

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony1a_4x-vertical-10Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony3a_4x-vertical-21a_4x-vertical-22a_4x-vertical-16a_4x-vertical-23

Which are your faves?

high-waist & stripes


(striped top: F21 / vintage 70s high-waist pants: thrift / vintage patent leather belt: thrift / pea coat: F21 / vintage Mod 60s purse: Gisela&Zoe / clogs: MIA / gold bracelet: thrift / bow ring: F21)

It is no secret I adore this striped top, I’ve worn it so many times in a few of my outfit post! Do you do that? Do you get infatuated with an item and wear it till you get bored or someone points out to you that you’ve worn that outfit twice this week! Haha, I do it all the time…I don’t mind.

California weather these days is always a mystery, you leave home with a coat by early afternoon you’re stripping it off. It’s one of my kiddo’s top complaints when dressing for the day. I guess what’s good about that as Miami girls is that at least we get to wear coats, something to be desired in my case because I love the change of seasons!


SHOP-UPDATE-TEMPLATE-1Spring florals and maxi dresses are starting to roll in the shop this week. Some of these items have been in the shop but are getting refreshed looks! I’m looking forward to the hotter months, how about you?

You can visit the Shop here: Gisela&Zoe


inspired by: Axl Rose


Currently I’m working on my fashion design portfolio. When brainstorming blog post that I would enjoy creating, fashion and style post are within my top 5 favorite post I enjoy doing. So when doing this I realized that I may benefit from this in 2 ways, not only would I have a blog post done but also an inspirational trend board; which we use allot in the world of fashion design / manufacturing to see whats currently “trending” and “hot” out in the fashion market.

This week I used Axl Rose from Guns n Roses as my inspiration. I loved this fella’s style back in the 80s early 90s. There are several men’s closets I would love to raid and Axl’s would be one of them! My favorites were his layering of jewelry and belts, skinny pants or leggings (yes, before meggings Axl rocked leggings) paired with motorcycle or cowboy boots and of course his trade mark bandanas and aviator glasses. He would mix some pretty bold outfits together but it worked and I fancy that type of eclectic mash-up. I definitely take a page in fashion from these rocker guys of the 1980s; it was a fun time in rock fashion!

1. vintage Mickey tee / 2. vintage 80s fringed cardigan / 3. black leggings / 4. roses scarf / 5. slouchy studded bag / 6. vintage 30s turquoise bracelet / 7. silver cut out cuff bracelet / 8. bangles / 9. buckled boots

mother daughter style: into the woods

giselaandzoe7It feels great to get back into the blogging world! Especially starting with a Mother / Daughter style post which is becoming one of my favorite things to do with my daughter Zoe. Not only do we have fun getting dressed up, but we are also capturing moments in time that we can one day look back at together. It is such a remarkable experience sharing little moments like “getting dressed” with my teenage daughter. And also seeing how much she’s grown just in the last year, especially in character; she has such a sweet and humble one that I pray will continue through adult hood.

The backdrop is one of my favorite canyons to hike in the summer called Baily Canyon. I feel so lucky just having it a couple of blocks away. Just being in the midst of it brought out so many senses. We could smell sage and eucalyptus in the air. The tree trucks look like a work of abstract art. The sun rays felt so good on the skin and all the beautiful earth tone colors were eye-popping. We were excited to see and snap a photo of a hawk circling in the air, it was so graceful and majestic. Surrounded by a beautifully created world.

giselaandzoe11 giselaandzoe10Zoe’s outfit details: boho scarf, Abercrombie & Fitch / cotton lace white tank, Hollister / denim leggings, Hollister / studded belt, Target / brown booties, Wet Seal

giselaandzoe6giselaandzoe5 giselaandzoe4My outfit detail’s: vintage 70s corduroy pants, thrift / striped fitted top, F21 / vintage 70s medallion necklace, thrift / clogs, Mia / authentic woven leather bag, Guatemala / sunnies, Target

giselaandzoe9 giselaandzoe8giselaandzoe3 giselaandzoe2Do you do mother / daughter outfit post? I would love to see them! Drop me a link in the comments section.




vintage for many occasion


A few of our favorite vintage pieces from last weeks and this up coming weeks shop update. There is literally an eclectic mix of pieces for every occasion!

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

Hope you had a great New Years week!