Inspired By: Alphonse Mucha

[Daydream, 1897]

Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha illustrations are a rich source of inspiration for me. It blows me away that his paintings were done between the 1880s to 1930s, they look to be ahead of its time. The fact that they were also commissioned as advertisement for company’s is pretty amazing because they received a true work of art.

What grabs my attention is his use of colors and all the small details in the clothing and adornments, like ribbon, lace and oh those beautiful ruffles. But also the use of floral’s is so dreamy like. I haven’t read this anywhere but maybe you may know if psychedelic paintings were inspired by him, it looks like they were to me. I can only imagine what amazing fabric prints can be inspired by him and of course clothing too!

[The Trappistine,1897]

 [Victorien Sardou’s Gismonda, 1894]

[Job, 1896]

[Zodiac, 1896]

[Byzantine Head The Blonde & Brunette, 1897]

[A Quartier Latin, 1898]

[Chadon Cremant Imperial, 1899]

[The Precious Stones Series, 1900]

Mucha’s paintings can go on and on for me; all of them are so amazing, it’s so hard to pick favorites!



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