bold polka dots

I’ve been yearning to wear this big, bad, bold sweater and finally we can feel the sweet crisp in the air coming around the corner in Los Angeles! I’m a big print fan and I love how this black and white polka dot sweater is so in your face. I couldn’t be any happier that it is a Nordtrom label and how the 100% cotton feels like a Snuggy around by body. And of course like always, being pre-owned and a thrift find is the sweetest deal of them all!

outfit: Nordstrom sweater, thrift $4 / black twill pants, H&M $24 / black zipper booties, Nine West in my closet since 2001 / bright bold lips in eucalyptus, NYX $2.99

I also fancy the bright lip combination with the black, even though fall usually calls for a more warm color palette; but that’s why personal style is so much fun. And on a side note, I’m glad my lovely photographer daughter Zoe told me to smile more…it does suit me better!

Any bold sweaters in your closet?



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