Wow, it feels so good to be blogging again. As you may see I have been missing in action for nearly 2 months! It’s not that I wanted to take a break from blogging, oh no, it had to do more with my time management skills. At the moment besides running a full-time business from home, I have a high schooler / home schooler (a double whammy of newness) and I am trying to squeeze in a social life; which is just as important and I sometimes forget. How I’ve been trying to manage all these has been a dysfunction of normality. Meaning, I’m doing the same non-resulting unattainable actions that have become a bad habit day-to-day.

For example:

  • going to sleep late and expecting 4 hours of sleep to get me through the day
  • not writing my to do list the night before
  • not looking at my to do list when I do write it
  • not writing things in my calendar
  • over scheduling when I do calendar
  • expecting to get 24 hours of work done in a 10 hour work day
  • not prioritizing work

The results have been:

  • forgetting important items like paying bills
  • over exhaustion
  • stress
  • getting way behind on work and feeling like I’ll never catch up
  • wasted time
  • not getting important things done
  • a lack of a social life
  • sometimes not being all there mentally when I hang with my kiddo

I can go on and on; writing this was already stressing me out. Can you relate with my chaos? Well, with that said I’m thankful for those who have been in my shoes and who were so inclined to share their pearls of wisdom with us. One of the folks whom I have gleaned so much good advice on productivity not only with work but with your personal life is Micheal Hyatt. He has so many great articles that are very practical and straight to the point which have truly motivated me to get back on track. He also shares his free Life Plan when you subscribe to his blog; because wouldn’t you know it, that not only is a business plan important but a life plan is too!

Secondly, is Peter Bregman, he wrote a book on productivity called 18 minutes. He also has a blog chock-full of advice! Since listening to his interview on EntreLeadership Podcast I have taken what advice I gained from him and put it to work. And boy how freeing and motivating has it been. Not only did I finally put to rest the mis-conception that we should multi-task and not focus on one thing but on several; it was also nice hearing that everything on that lengthy “to do list” may not get done and it’s ok. I’ve learned that you can have a very highly effective day with a very focused realistic “to do list”. I can have a social life!

Although some of this I’m sure you and I have heard, sometimes it takes a little practicality show how to get us moving towards that goal. It’s also awesome when other entrepreneurs share very attainable advice. Is there anything you have been trying to work on, what are you doing to get there?

Here’s to getting a grip on time management and to a very productive season!



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  1. I’m loving how honest and insightful you are in this post. Looks like you already know what to change to achieve the progress you want. I learn a lot of my business skills from Dani Johnson, but I might check out the professionals you suggested as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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