Hiking is my therapy! One of the pleasures I enjoy most from living in California is the beautiful nature literally in my back yard. I’m originally from Miami which is mostly fun in the sun on the beach, which is great, but I love the mountain landscape so much and I have the pleasure of having the mountains so near by. Miami has no mountains and now that I’ve lived with them in my midst I can’t see myself living anywhere without them. On this day I found myself a bit frustrated at life’s problems and I decided to escape to Eaton Canyon. When I got there the first thing I encountered was natures air, the delightful scent of eucalyptus trees around. Then I started noticing all the little details, the tree grains, wild cactus and flowers, the shape of the tree’s, the rocks in the dried out creek realizing it’s all part of Gods canvas; there is nothing more beautiful. I take artistic inspiration from it too, all the colors, textures and designs; everything perfectly created. I was in aww of all the wild life I saw on this day. I’ve never seen deer here before and on this day I did! They scared me for one moment because my attention was else were when I heard a loud rumbling thinking I was going to be eaten alive by a mountain lion! But it was just the deer scared of me and running away. Then I saw a humming bird getting nectar from a flower, wild cotton tail rabbits crossing my path, quail and blue jays, busy bees buzzing around me, it made my day. Everything I was frustrated about melted away. My trusty companion Cody gave me as much pleasure just seeing his curiosity by sticking his neck up at all the sounds around him. My day ended with the beautiful colors of the sunset and a bold moon gracing its light on me. I could not have asked for anything more!


All these pictures were taken via Instagram, you can follow me @giselaandzoe. I truly adore this tool, I have so many memories built already of my everyday life!


What things do you like to do to de-stress?






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