Vintage 90s Slip Dress, thrift / Mossimo cat eye sunglasses, Target / Bow Ring, F21 / Vintage 70s Gold-Tone Elastic Bracelet, thrift / Black Ankle Socks, Target / Very Old Ankle Boots, Nine West

First off, I am smitten with this particular brick background. I like how there are areas that are uneven with more cement then in other parts; it looks like the bricks are being erased. The lighting could not have been better with it being an alley wall squeezed between two buildings. I have scribbled this particular street in my notebook as a perfect look-book location. Brick buildings have such a charm about them and make the perfect backdrop. With this weeks very sunny and hot weather, one can not help but want to be in the least amount of layers. This little floral slip dress was the perfect remedy to my A.C. – less  car. Who remembers when these were in style? Not to many years later the lingerie version became a trend. These little dresses are so easy breezy, you just throw them over your head. I kept my jewelry at a minimal to give it a more plain jane feel…I can live in easy outfits like this!

 P.S. I don’t if you caught it, but you can see my tripod in the glasses, not sure if I mind but these are the little things you sometimes forget to take into account when taking pictures…

Wishing you a happy weekend,



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