I seriously sometimes forget how great the fashion was in the 1990’s. This was my “generation, having been a teenager in the early 90’s. I now recall how many different fashion trends were happening at one time back then. Grunge, 70’s hippie and bohemian looks were back in a big way, 60’s Mod and the whole “Club Kid” looks were in. I dabbled a bit in all, mostly wearing vintage versions of the current trends. I remember having a pair of black velvet burnout bell bottoms like the ones above; boy I wish future Gisela could off told me “do not get rid of those!” I’m in love with the purple velvet Richard Tyler ones above; and how awesome is picture #3, an Anna Sui ensemble? And Kate oh Kate you are too cute!

Vogue 1992 Editorial
Photographed by Patrick DemarchelierΒ 
Beautiful makeup by the late Kevin Aucoin


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