It’s been a while since I last blogged about Alejandra Quesada and her amazing collections! Last blog post was way back in 2010 which you can see HERE. Although the most recent collection on her website is  her Autumn Winter 2010 / 2011, every piece here I would wear today! It was hard picking my favorites because I was so drawn to how beautifully whimsical her editorial was. It takes me back to child-hood fairy tails and the world of Alice in Wonderland. Boy, would I love to fall into that rabbit hole full of wonderfully, colorful, and richly detailed clothes. As always, her cultural roots shines through with the  use of embroidery, definitely an ode to her home country of Mexico. Her love of vintage is proudly displayed as well, with the cutest pinafore checkered dress and that lovely burgundy cape; not to mention the loop rick-rack on the plaid a-line dress, swoon! With her use of trims, my list of adoration for her details would go on and on…….

Can I just say amazing, did you see those tights! What are your favorites?

Photography by: Pancho Tolchinsky



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