I share a big love of vintage printed polyester shirts along with my friend Karen of Misha LuLu. I know very few people that care for them, so I don’t feel too odd liking them as much as I do, being that my lovely creative friend loves them too! As of matter of fact, if you look to your right at my live photograph feed you can see the new one I have just acquired as a gift from Karen this Christmas. It has such a lovely 1920’s flapper girl print in different hues of blue, and I just can’t wait to wear it.
Most of these shirts are overlooked at the thrift, I assume because they are just to “poly” and/or “tacky”. That’s better for me, since I find them a dime a dozen for pretty much a $1.00. My eye is attracted to them because of the colors and retro toss print which I find quite charming, and have so since the age of 14 when I first began shopping for vintage at the thrift. Because of this I have built quite the collection and I suspect I’m gonna be that little old lady still sporting printed polyester shirts…

I drooled when I spotted these high-waist vintage Levi’s, they are the perfect fit, and have that just perfect flared leg. High-waist is my ultimate favorite fit, especially now that I’m more curvier, which really flatters that body type.

vintage 70’s polyester fall leaves shirt, thrift
vintage 70’s high-waist bell bottom Levi’s jeans, flea market
vintage 70’s round beaded wooden necklace, thrift
gold mushroom pendant necklace, Flea Market Girl
criss-cross platform sandal, Target
antique over-sized round ring, gift

Do any of you like vintage polyester shirts?

Before I go, just wanted to mention to follow our live photo feed of vintage items and all around fun stuff check us out @giselaandzoe on instagram and/or at our twitter.



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