My mother just came back from our home country of Honduras. She brought me allot of goodies, some which you will see in our own web store once it launches hopefully by April. This particular poncho was meant for Zoe, but she is not much for vintage looking poncho’s, so I snagged it for myself. Although my mother bought it in Honduras the poncho was actually crafted and brought over from Peru. Their are also street vendors from Guatemala selling the most amazing woven bags there (hint, hint web store). 
Cultural clothing is one of my fashion favorites. I appreciate all the design, textiles and techniques which are unique to each culture. I also enjoy the history and story behind the clothing, as well as they way in which it is made. Honduras shares many similarities with the other Central American countries when comes to style of clothing. Most of these countries use similar design elements such as, woven yarns, cotton, natural dyes and laces; these design characteristics are indigenous to the culture. We are also known for our use of tooled leather. I especially love the fact that our culture uses rich vibrant colors and that most items are still hand crafted till this day. My very first upcoming line is very heavily influenced by these ethnic cultures.

Within the last week we have experienced a rise in temperature. Just when we thought it was getting colder it’s actually gone the opposite way and it has warmed up allot. The poncho wearing was very temporary, but it’s a nice added layer on chilly mornings; you can slip so easily out of it and throw it in your bag.
I also dug out some of my old costume jewelry which had gone forgotten for about a year. In there I found my precious rock necklace which was given to me by my grandmother when I was a teenager. At that time I did not care much for the necklace since I was rocking out vintage baby doll dresses and combat boots, but now it is just my style and it has allot of sentimental value attached to it.

Underneath I wore a grey heather tank top with my vintage high-waist Levi’s and I tied it all together with a Mexican tooled leather belt. It was that hot, that I needed a tank top!
chevron knit Peruvian Poncho, gift from mom
grey heather BDG tank top, Urban Outfitters
Vintage 70s wide leg high-waist Levi’s pants, thrift
Mexican tooled leather belt, thrift
precious rock necklace, gift from grandma
Vintage silver stone ring, thrift
ecote Southwestern tote, Urban Outfitters

Hope you are all having a great start of the year!



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