Bruce Weber photo

I am enamored by Mrs. Iris Apfel personal style. At age 90, she dissolves all style stereo-types on how an older women looks like and / or dress. I fancy her use of over-sized and layered costume jewelry and her keen eye in mixing prints; not to mention her use of color. I’m 34 and dream of having everything in her closet. 
She is an interior designer by trait but has now become a popular culture style icon, which has led into having museum exhibitions of her personal clothing, a book on her personal style and her own jewelry collection. I also read that a new glasses collection is in the works and would not mind getting my hands on her signature big round glasses. Her Rare Bird of Fashion book is already in my wish-list and I can’t wait to purchase it!

Bruce Weber photo
W Magazine
Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest
PEM photo
Iris and husband Carl
 Exhibition at The Met
Exhibition at PEM
I want to go to The Met bad! New York is in our sights for our next vacation…

sources: Architectural Digest, Italian Vogue, W Magazine, google images


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