Woo-hoo! I’m back and up and running. Thanks for all the well wishes on Facebook and Twitter. For those of you who may not know, we got hit “big time” by the Santa Anita winds in Los Angeles County. The hardest hit area being Pasadena only 10 minutes away from where we live. Our little town of Sierra Madre looked like a ghost town with power lines down, trees toppled down everywhere, roofs, fences and signs destroyed and cars smashed by trees. It felt as if we got hit by a hurricane minus all the rain. Zoe and I were pretty scared because we have a big tree directly in front of our home. I could barely sleep a wink with all the wind noise and items flying across our roof all the while praying that the tree would not fall down on us; thank God it did not. I had completely forgotten what strong winds can do, being that I went through hurricane Andrew in 1992, one of South Florida’s worst storms. We were in shock when we went outside and saw all the destruction. A good chunk of  L.A. was with out electricity for days, we having been with out it for about 28 hours. We mostly hung out with friends and neighbors, a little R & R despite the situation. California sure has many natural disasters stacked up against it, wild fires, winds, tsunamis, and earthquakes, yeesh!
Well, on this day I felt a bit like a girl scout. Mostly because my skirt color reminds me of the Girl Scouts Uniform bottoms color and my Marc Jacobs tee with it’s handkerchief print is another Girl Scout staple. The only thing missing was the beret and sash! 
I love, love, love high-waist bottoms as I’ve mentioned here before and this skirt was the perfect high-waist length for me. I also really like the strong a-line silhouette and the side button detail. I had planned on designing a few kitschy printed skirts just like this, and am hoping I could as part of my hand made line that I would like to have along with my ready to wear designs. But I’m still contemplating on it, not sure if it would be to much. What do you guys think? There is also a cool chill in the air so I paired it with these powdered blue ribbed tights. A little contrast against all the browns.
TOP: printed tee circa 2007. Marc, by Marc Jacobs
BOTTOMS: a-line high waist skirt. Vintage 1970s, thrift
TIGHTS: powdred blue ribbed tights. DKNY, thrift
SHOES: platform sandals. Target
RING: antique. gift 
Photos by Zoe
Wishing you all a great start of the week!


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