The forest behind our home takes my imagination to a world of woodland fairytale creatures right out of a childhood storybook. It makes you feel as if fairies would be fluttering around and a troll is under the bridge; it is quite magically picturesque. But, as I was trekking up to reach this area, I let out a big gasp as I looked down and saw a rattlesnake slithering along only one foot away from me (I almost stepped on it)! A breathtaking moment in a very bad way. As you go into the forest you read the notices posted about what to watch out for in these parts, and you are also warned never to leave the path. This sighting was my first encounter and I realized how important those notices really are!
I felt my outfit fit right in with the surrounding landscape. It is my favorite vintage corduroy dress which I’ve had since I was 16, and I’m still wearing it 18 years later! Wow, that just made me think….time does go by quickly. I’m wearing it with cable knit olive tights by Donna Karen that I got at a thrift store for $2. Tis the season for colored tights, one of my favorite fall/winter staples.
dress: vintage 70’s corduroy patchwork jumper dress, thrift store
top: simple tee, Banana Republic from thrift store
accessories: cable knit tights, Donna Karen from thrift store, floral over-sized ring, F21
shoes: platform sandals, Mossimo / Target
I’ve also given myself a challenge starting with this post. I realize how many clothes and shoes I own which I never wear, and feel a big need to purge in order to make life a little simpler. So, I will be getting very creative with myself and I am going to try to wear every piece of clothing I own in my closet. If I don’t feel inspired to wear it or just really see myself never wearing it again, I’m donating it! No more holding on to things that are just making a very comfortable home in the closet. It’s also a way of seeing just how much I really need. I love fashion as many of us chica’s do, but I don’t need allot of everything.
Outfit 1.



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