Came across this new and emerging designer Charles Henry out of Los Angeles California. I love discovering new designers and this brand quickly caught my eye. I like the simplicity of the silhouettes with the rich and sultry fabrics being used and all the little details which gives the clothing that extra kick. For example that burn out black number which looks like a dress, but I believe they are separates with the flowy collar and leather pockets in the front. Also the white over-sized button up collared shirt with black yokes on the shoulders, simple but that extra detail makes the top irresistible. I can see myself rocking it out just as pictured with my combat boots. I also love the black spaghetti strapped burnout dress, a piece that looks so easy breezy to wear and that would look great with both flat sandals or a platform shoe / boot. All the pieces above I want for myself. The clothes are very girly, easy and great for every day wear. Just another aspect of clothing I like for an eclectic gal as myself; these would fit just nicely in my closet full of vintage.

Check out both the Spring 11 and the full Fall 11 collections at



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