I love my high waist polyester pants. Their are very few you would like to wear due to the lack of air that goes through them and in dead heat they feel yucky; but this one along with another pair I have are among my favorite pants that I have yet to see be replicated as slacks. When my mom saw me wearing these for the first time she had a flashback letting me know that these were among her favorite pants in the 70s and she had them in many colors; of course my only thought was why she had not kept them! I actually always wanted to remake these and wanted to incorporated into my first collection, but just a couple of months ago Free People had jeans just like this as far as the 2 side zippers. Of course they had beat me to the punch although they were jeans and not slacks. I may just still eventually do them because I really like the pocket and contrast stitching along with the 2 side zipper closure; the fit just needs to be made to perfection.

I paired it with a men’s vintage tuxedo shirt that had a horrendous collar which I just cut out and wear it as a raw neck finish. I loved the tight fit so I made it work for me. I pin the shirt down with one of my favorite pins ever, a Betsey Johnson circa 1994. It’s a vintage little girl with Betsey’s name in it, got it back when I worked there; one of a few pieces I will never let go although they fit no longer. Maybe Zoe will eventually want them, fingers crossed. Lastly I paired it with vintage oxfords. Lately I’ve been in a men’s wear kick, it’s definitely one of my favorite styles.

top: vintage men tuxedo shirt, thrift
pants: 70s high waist slacks, thrift
accessories: vintage inspired little girls pin, Betsey Johnson circa 94
shoes: 80s black oxfords, thrift



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