Yay, I have finally been able to get back into this pencil skirt lovely! When I gain weight it all goes straight to my thighs; no biggie, but when you have an hour glass figure trying to pull up tight clothing past that area becomes a mission. And when the fit is super tight in the thigh area the garment tends to bunch up plus having a small waist it ends up being loose….it’s so hard to find an even fit for us hour glass gals.

The skirt it self is constructed  to perfection and the fact that it is black and white hounds tooth it gets double points for that! I decided to style it very lady like down to my hand bag. I felt older for some reason, do any of you ever feel that way? My wardrobe is all over the place but it’s pretty much how I have always been.

top: Mcqueen (another McQueen), thrift
bottom: vintage 80s Evan Picone hound tooth pencil skirt, thrift
shoes: patent faux leather, F21
handbag: Versace, gift




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