Happy Monday! one of my favorite vintage creations was the use of Kitsch fabrics mostly used in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. my top favorites are the indian and cowboy fabrics of the 50’s as well as kittens, horses and woodland creature fabric prints. i do “self” high fives in the air when i come across them in my vintage hunting adventures. i don’t run into them as much as i would want to, but i have a great one coming to the shop this week!

At the moment i am contemplating producing a small run of hand made simple designs made up in Kitsch fabric prints on Etsy. but i’m not sure if it would coincide with my plans of producing my first ready to wear collection; basically is it smart to do so. i’ve also have had a hard time sourcing the prints that i want at wholesale prices. the two i’m currently in love with i’ve only found retail. 

The following are some favorites that are actual vintage Kitsch fabrics, if only the vintage fabrics would be attached with whole sale prices…

I also came across this cute shift dress in one of my favorite type of Kitsch prints.

And i love this one from our shop, vintage 60s Kitsch day out dress


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