picture of me circa 2005
The task of cleaning up old computer files can be daunting, especially if you have literally thousands of photos to look through as well as word files. i’m tackling this mission a little at a time. while on my quest i ran into old vintage shop photos from my Ebay days of when i would model the clothes. i actually did not much enjoy modeling myself and it was very short lived; but i liked this photo which i feel my friend Daphne captured perfectly. besides the background i so loved this dress with it’s matching head band. i bought it back in 1995 and i held onto to it until i sold it on Ebay i believe in 2007. 

Most of you don’t know that i’ve actually been in the vintage selling endeavors since 2002. i just never “worked” it as i should of when the concept first came into mind when my best friend then roommate Viv gave me the idea to sell on-line. i have for most of my life dressed in vintage first falling in love with it in 1992. that’s when my love of thrift stores began and ultimately got me into International Fine Arts College in Miami for fashion design in 94. i had presented my portfolio of re-worked vintage dresses, and was so syked when i got in at the age of 17. 

I always knew i wanted to work in Fashion but also with vintage, but vintage took the backseat for a very long time until i finally started trying to sell in 2005. i never wanted to do Ebay like my friend had suggested (i kick myself a little for this one) but wanted my own online shop from the gecko. at the time roughly 2002 i was following such shops as (my favorite back then & still now, she carried the most amazing Ossie Clark garments),, and (amazing dresses) were among the online stores i admired. 

So much has changed in the world of selling vintage on-line, especially in the social realm. i’ve been much to long on the sidelines although Fashion Design was my first priority. i have over 11 years worth of collecting vintage and feel a little overwhelmed by it all. 

This picture brought back so many memories and i think the biggest memory of all is that i only sold it on auction for $15 dollars. Boy, did that gal get a great deal or what!



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