Hi all! i know i’ve been lost for a few weeks in cyber space; but i intentionally took some time off the blog to do a little re-structuring, thinking and goal making for the rest of the year. i won’t lie, it’s been tough the last few months, we’ve had a few losses from family to a close friend. i also made a few bad choices along the way and the set backs have been tidal waves in our lives right now. but this in itself has been a very hard learning experience but a good one in which i needed to go through. if it wasn’t for my faith in Christ i would have turned into mush by now! 

With that said i won’t divulge any more personal stuff on ya’ll just felt led to share that. i’m sure many of you are or have been in my shoes….we are not alone…

On a different much lighter note, i’m starting my come back this week with a HUGE shop update. their are already many cute items i haven’t posted on the blog, but i’ll be doing an update on that as well this week. i plan on doing a decent end of the summer sale soon to make room for fall, can you believe it?!

I also started a Tumblr page which i created a while back but have finally now gotten around to posting! i love it so far because unlike the blog i can post random pictures, ads, anything really that catches my fancy and draws inspiration or just swoon over. you can find me HERE, come by and say hi and if you have a Tumblr page drop me a note in the comments so i can go check it out.

wishing you a lovely night,



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