We are still savoring the last few weeks we have left of summer vacation around these parts…when my friend Amy told Zoe and i we can tag along on a road trip to New Mexico, we jumped at the chance to do it. this year we were not able to do the “family” summer vacation like we have previous years, but it’s nice to at least go on a road trip to a state we’ve only driven across for a few days. it is still a working trip for me, i just can’t take any breaks at the moment. but i am looking forward to checking out the beautiful national park called White Sands New Mexico pictured above, breath taking no?! we are also staying in a small mountain town called Cloudcroft where you can just smell the fresh pine scented air, and see wild life around you. they literally only have mom and pop shops, no Starbucks here. 

I’m glad Zoe and i get this little summer adventure before we get back into the grind of school and the fall retail season. working really hard the next few weeks in preparation for it. 

Any of you have any summer adventures happening? would love to hear about it!



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