Dominique Ver Eecke does it again, he designs kids clothing that i would want in adult size! i always say this about two kid designers both Dominque and Misha LuLu. where else can you find such fun and whimsical kids clothing. in a sea of very simple and over the top “cutesy” kids clothes, it’s refreshing to have designers such as Dominque Ver Eecke and Misha LuLu use bold eye catching and unique prints for kids. after all, which kid wouldn’t like ducks, elephants, monkeys & kitty cats be used in a very cool non-cheesy way! i’m sure us mom’s would be the ones appreciating this more. the garment silhouettes are not only chic, but look very comfortable to be in and very fun to wear.

My favorite in the bunch is the black & white star burst design dress and the a-line swan dress above. these are the times i wish these designers were around so i could of dressed Zoe in their darling clothes. oh well, now if they can only make it in my size!

Visit Dominque Ver Eecke website for the full fall 11 look-book photographed by Bieke Depoorter and past collections. you mama’s out there will fall in love!


all pictures courtesy of Dominque Ver Eecke photos by Bieke Depoorter 

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