Check, now i can cross off my goal of doing a road trip with Zoe. it wasn’t necessarily the one i wanted to take but regardless it was a mini one in which we always enjoy going to relax and hang with my mom aka Grandma. 

I’ve driven this desert path probably a good 50 times, i feel like i can drive it blindfolded…not really but you know what i mean. when i lived on the west coast i never thought their was any beauty to the desert but it wasn’t till i continued to visit my mom in Vegas that i realized how beautiful it really was. The red rock, the desert mountains, joshua trees, the vast landscape and the dry air. the desert holds a certain mysterious beauty that i sure can appreciate.

Zoe and i always enjoy this bonding times, although i’m sure my child would say she can go with out the strong beating sun. but we always play singing games (ones we’ve made up and have been playing since she was 5), point out weird / cool sightings and just enjoy the time together. we actually had a hiccup on the way having to replace a tire and although it can be annoying and frustrating, thank God it was nothing worse and it was just another notch in our memory book. we did get to witness lighting in the desert, now that was a breathtaking / scary sight; and saw two rainbows. the irony that nature can be. 

The sun had no mercy on us, it’s the desert’s way and even little Cody was running for cover (i love the picture of his head in his kennel). i love all these road trips we’ve been able to take. i was intending for a road trip to Austin Texas or Portland Oregon, but there is always next year!


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