I am completely smitten by this cute 14 years old style. i have a post on her that i never published thinking she was so young but now i look back and who cares i love her style. she has a love of vintage just as i had at her age, and if you read or have read her Interview Magazine interview she reveals that she really wears nothing but vintage and does not really care for the big label brands, as of yet. she mostly likes those with vintage flair like Mr. Marc Jacobs of course, he’s the king of vintage flair! despite that she pulls off all the garments above beautifully, not looking older then what she is; which is something i love to see in young ladies. she’s the same age as my Zoe and just like her she beats to her own drum, i appreciate that in a culture that is so hard on our teenage girls. 

The Valentino dress above in left picture is amazing, drool! she also revealed her favorite vintage shop Play Clothes,  in Burbank. now i have a new place to go visit!


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