I swear guys i can not believe i am 34 today. i really truly still feel like i’m in my 20’s except my mindset is different. and time really is fleeting and life is really short; i now understand those older then me who would quote this. i do feel like i just went through my teens, Zoe was just a baby and and i hit the big 30 yesterday. and as simple as the cliche is “make the most of your life because it’s short” i get it! 

I am thankful to Jesus who gave me a clear head early on to understand this in my own life. although their are and will be countless bumps on the road, i am learning to be content with what i have,  learning from past mistakes, being open to serve others / give back, enjoy time with friends and family and savour every moment with my daughter!

This year i kept it simple, enjoyed my first birthday with Zoe in 4 years and celebrated by going to one of my favorite bakeries Sweet & Savory in San Marino. Zoe and i shared a breakfast burrito with there amazing homemade salsa and their scrumptious red velvet cupcake.

We attacked the cupcake before the burrito came it was to hard to resist just seeing it sit there in front of us! they have an herb garden growing right on there patio area, i love that they use fresh ingredients  you can taste it. 

It was a perfect morning with the best girl in the world! I am so thankful for another year of life!

I took the bottom picture yesterday i had to throw it in! Cody was making the best face. I love our little family!
I hope you all had a great 4th of July!



  1. Hi Gisela, Happy Belated Birthday!! I love your blog. It was so nice meeting you at Karen's house the couple of times that we met.

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