Woah baby, it’s getting hot outside! these days i’m rummaging my closet trying to build together summer outfits. now that i’m at my home studio full time i don’t want to get into the rut of not getting dressed up. i actually find myself feeling less productive when in pajamas and/or house clothes. when i get into routine in the morning as if i’m still going to outside work, it motivates me to keep a level of business professionalism going while in the home studio. like a frame of mind. it’s way to easy to lose the day while working at home.

Polyester pants are probably not the best idea on the hot summer days but i so love the high waist fit on these navy wide leg Levi’s pants. i wear them often despite the heat. they are not as terrible as some other polyester fabrics can be, their tolerable. some don’t give your skin room to breath! this pretty creme number came with a matching skirt, but i have never worn the skirt because the length is not the greatest; and i actually prefer the top with pants. the detail’s are the best! crochet trim on the shoulder, rounded loop buttons and peplum waist make this top look so darling. 
TOP: 1970’s vintage peasant blouse
BOTTOM: 1970’s highwaisted Levis
SHOES: Mia Clogs
HAIR ACCESSORIES: over-sized creme clips, F21

Thanks to my pretty photographer Zoe, she also spotted this pretty birds nest. On another nature note, i went foraging yesterday and found mint which i will be using to make virgin mojitos during my work hours. now that will definitely help me stay cool and motivated. 

My foraging adventure post will follow tomorrow. amazing all the things that can be growing all around you and you don’t even realize it!


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