Pajama pants, bobo pants, etc..these jeans have gotten several comments every time i wear them. at first glance they were a very weird length when i first pulled them out up from a mountain of vintage clothing, on one of my vintage warehouse buys. i initially was going to turn them into shorts for the summer but i’m glad i did not. after further inspection i noticed they were hemmed by the previous owner! 

It’s funny because the bottom hem that i pulled out is the original blue color and the top part is now a faded blue. i love the polka dots and the front pocket detail and wanted to keep them for myself since i’ve never come across a pair like these ever on countless vintage scavenger hunts. i hope to come across another pair this time for le vintage shop!

  • jeans, 70’s vintage
  • top, scoop neck tee 70’s vintage
  • belt, nautical leather 70’s vintage
  • shoes, new Mia clogs
My beautiful photographer Zoe got very creative with these shots. i loved them!

wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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