Hi folks! i shot this weeks outfit pictures at an abandoned church in our neighborhood. old abandoned church’s are always a favorite for me. when Zoe was doing her missions project for school we actually were able to visit the mission Dolores in San Fransisco built in 1776. antique church’s have the best architecture and details, like painted ceilings and woodwork. it was pretty amazing to have been able to go visit it and the city on a whim one weekend back in 2008. those are the trips that Zoe and I will never forget, although maybe we won’t forget all our trips but that one stands out in my mind since it was not planned.

I have been wearing allot of two things lately, my hair and bangs pulled back in a bun and high waisted skirts. i love high waisted EVERYTHING and have designed a few items as such for our new Spring Line 2012. i love how that silhouette fits the body and it’s so comfortable too. i want to get out of the bun though, but the growing my bangs out part proves difficult to style. can’t wait for that short haircut soon!

top: 1970’s vintage tank
skirt: 1990’s high waisted paisley skirt 
shoes: Vince Camuto western platform clogs
belt: Vintage 1970’s western belt.

wishing you a lovely Tuesday.


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