Hi all! to all you mom’s and mom’s to be, i hope you had a very blessed mothers-day with your kiddo’s yesterday. i had a very good one with my beautiful Zoe. very low key just me and her hanging out, talking and enjoying each others company. 

I have to say i always count my blessings on the relationship i have with her. she had saved all her allowance to take me out to eat brunch and i did not have to pay one cent or lift a finger. just writing this makes me all teary eyed, i have only but 5 more years until she goes to college. every fiber of my being just wants to hold on to her forever. but no, i am watching a lovely young lady growing and maturing right before my proud mommy eyes.

I thought it perfect to wear this pretty dress given to me by Karen for the first time yesterday on our little brunch date.

I paired it with my Vince Camuto western clogs. i’m also growing my bangs,  you can see them flying in the air. i am really trying real hard not to get scissor happy by chopping them off again. i do hate that growing in between stage with hair, but i want to cut my hair real short and am ready to put my bangs behind my ear; something i haven’t done in 8 years! i’m going for a messy bob look in the summer.

Zoe took me to The Only Place in Town, one of our neighborhood restaurants. it was so good, i had the chicken brie sandwich with caramelized onions and she had their home made chicken ravioli. it was the perfect mothers-day brunch.

There was also an art festival in our town park with a blue grass band playing, we went to listen for a minute.

We then went to take some mothers-day 2011 memories. we are two silly gooses along with our little man we can’t get enough, Cody.

Thanks Zoe for a great mothers-day! you are the best gift of ALL!


P.S. Karen is having a mothers-day give away over on the Misha LuLu blog. some really beautiful fabrics and trims, including Misha LuLu Spring 11 balloon print fabric! check it out HERE, deadline is this Wednesday!


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