Zoe and i never realized how much beauty was tucked behind us in the foothills and mountains literally up the street from us. i can never complain about living in the cutest quaint town i’ve ever come across in Los Angeles. you would never guess there was a town like this in the L.A. area. most people have no idea where Sierra Madre is, up near the San Gabriel Mountains by Pasadena. a town founded in the 1907 still holding on to most of it’s antique buildings and mom and pop shops. i truly have fallen in love more with nature since our move here 3 years ago. 

When we finally did the full trek into the mountains we discovered a literal dome like area made of trees; with one single swing in the middle hanging  from one of the old branches. very random, but Zoe ad a ball swinging there!

About a 1/2 mile down from there it dead ends into a small water fall. a perfect place to spend a day reading or sketching in such a peaceful atmospheric area. i will post some of our instagram pictures from our hike. i went instagram happy falling in love with everything in sight. you’ve might have seen the pictures already if you follow me on twitter..
I love this vintage Oscar de la Rente skirt. my favorite is the print details, the flowers and horses.
  • top. charcoal tank h&m.
  • skirt. vintage 70’s Oscar de la Rente
  • accessories. vintage 70’s giant gold pendant, thrift. bubble antique ring, gift.
  • on the feet. mia clogs,

Wishing you a blessed Good Friday!



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