Happy Monday y’all! i find myself missing Atlanta these days. for what ever reasons our time in Atlanta has been on my mind in the last week. in the almost 3 years that we lived there we were blessed with amazing friends and i am so yearning to go visit them!

This weekend in it self was a bit bitter-sweet. i was blessed with a ticket to Coachella and i ended up deciding to give up my ticket and sell it. as a single mama it’s hard leaving my Zoe for three days especially just coming back from Miami and so very last minute! to the person who anonymously gave me the ticket Thank You for the gift! i admit i am puzzled on why and who it was from, as well as a little scared; but i’ll just take it for what it is. it was a blessing regardless!

So needless to say it was hard seeing all the tweets from those folks who were  there. “this band this and that performance was amazing” type of talk, tear* it would of been great to see Arcade Fire for the first time as well as PJ Harvey and many others!

Well i am on the mission to start pulling things out of my closet which i have not worn in a long time. this one was a big hit the day i wore it getting lots of lovely compliments. the best part is that i found it in Waste Land Sunday side walk sale and bought it for a mere $1. not bad for a skirt that can go for much more!

  • skirt. vintage 70’s plaid pastel skirt. waste land $1 
  • top. h&m charcoal tank. $7
  • necklace. vintage 70’s amber pendant gold necklace. $?
  • ring. gold antique over-sized ring. gift
  • shoes. vintage 80’s Nine West western boots. $6
Grand total for outfit minus necklace: $14

I have pondered for a while on doing a “how much does an outfit cost” post (no pun intended with the photo above! kind of funny..), but i just never did do it. but now i’ll give it a go since i basically raise my child on one income; i’ve always had to juggle a very strict budget for our little family. i want to encourage other mothers out there and just young ladies in general that you don’t need allot of money to put a cute outfit together! 

My friend Zoe does this very well too! check out her blog HERE!

Wishing you a great afternoon….gisela


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