(Coconut Grove in Miami)
Hi all! Zoe and I are back from our trip to Miami. we just landed on Monday late night. we are currently trying to get back into the swing of things. that 3 hour time difference can sure mess with your internal clock, i can’t imagine a European trip which has a 12 hour difference! 

As you can see i did 0 blogging while away. it was way to hectic, i think i estimated my time there incorrectly. i always do that, i over book all my trips! this particular trip was not a pleasure one, we were visiting Zoe’s uncle who’s in the hospital. thankfully we enjoyed our time with family and getting to visit with him. i appreciate any prayers you can send his way for a full recovery! Zoe’s already itching to get back soon, which will be in the summer. i always dread the 2 months without her, but that’s how things go…

Since i’ve gotten my iphone i have been in love the instagram app. it’s quickly replaced my camera! i think mostly because it’s always on me, and it’s so easy to share. i have to constantly remind myself to use my regular camera though, i don’t want to miss out on taking my photos more professionally. 

I’m going to bring back my week in pictures blog post which i know i’ve mentioned on doing before; but now that i am using my instagram app almost daily i think i can stay on top of doing this blog post weekly! you can view some past ones here & here.

I wish i would of taken allot more pictures then this, but here’s a peek at our time there via instagram. i’m going to share more from my regular camera later!

The following are a constant eat in Miami, Cuban pastries and coffee with milk better known as Cafe Con Leche! Miami’ans fuel there! super cheap and super good.

My best friend Viv took me to have cupcakes at the cutest cupcake shop in Coral Gables, one of my favorite areas in town. cupcake shops have popped up everywhere, seriously! they served it with the coolest disposable wooden spoon.
Zoe’s little brother Zak. they are piratically twins 9 years apart.
Viv’s beautiful dog Gracie. miss her already (you to Viv!)

Zoe’s sister basically, Viv’s daughter. they’ve grown up together since birth!

I miss them already. overall it was a good trip, especially being able to be there for Zoe’s uncle.

I’m preparing for a shop update today. hope your all having a great day!



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  1. looks like you had a lovely trip! whenever i'm in california, i have no problem adjusting to the time, but it really takes a toll on me when i go back to nashville. i really think i'm supposed to be on the west coast.

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