Happy Monday to you my blog friends! i am hoping you all are having a lovely start to your week! phase two of our transition is finally complete, our new blog home will remain on blogger not wordpress as i intended it to be. the url is
I felt i should stick to blogger because i knew all the in’s and out’s of it down to the html already. wordpress, although a really great blog home for business blogs deemed to complicated for me design wise, and was taking allot of precious time i need to concentrate on the restructuring of our brand.

I still am working out our logo and overall design aesthetic in my mind; but that will come after i’ve got everything up and running smoothly. one of my quirks that can be good and bad like most quirks can be is that of being a perfectionist. i’ve unfortunately handed this one down to Zoe. when it comes to my sketch’s, design, sewing etc.. my perfectionism kicks and and i am too much! 

Any-hoo please save our new blog home or follow us on any of the various blog readers. this one will stay up for a while until i know most of you have caught on to where our new blog home is now!

Thanks for reading and for following us through our transition and growth of our brand! I appreciate you all!



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