Elizabeth Taylor truly was a stunning woman, just beautiful. Zoe, about a month ago watched the epic film Cleopatra for an english paper and project; so it was sad to get the news today. it is so hard to really know how a famous person truly is in character. sure you can see some behaviors and/or  personalities through interviews but with all the gossip and rumors you can’t honestly know them unless you personally know them. 

Zoe asked me about her today and i can honestly say i was quick to talk about all the gossipy things about her. like how she was married 7 times with 1 husband stolen from Debbie Reynolds (although i did tell her she later apologized to Debbie). i also assumed she was very vain and conceded because of all the things i heard about her when she was a young working actress. but then i heard some stories on a talk radio show from a person who became her friend later on in her life (not a famous person); and they spoke about how down to earth she was, how much she did for others, what a good confidant she was and what an amazing mom she was to her kids. you know, the things tabloids never cover. that’s why i hate how hung up we are on fame. they are people like anyone else, they are not built differently, they are not any better or worse they are just people who happen to have a career that  unfortunately can carry so much ugliness. so next time i won’t be so quick to point out the gossip. after all only those closest to her know the real Elizabeth. 

She was a woman with a God given talent and i so enjoyed and will continue to enjoy her films. 

In memoriam.


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