Etsy just keeps getting better and better for me. i just keep finding the coolest shops of independent entrepreneurs. it excites me how Etsy has been such a great platform to launch a small independent companies. it’s just great!
One such company just made it to my favorites folder when i saw their cute and affordable shoes on the Etsy front page. they are called Golden Ponies out of Guadalajara Mexico. I’m so glad i came across them because i’ve been wanting flats SO bad and have had such a hard time finding good leather ones in stores at a decent price.  

These shoes are now on my radar and they are in all the perfect shades and fabrication i’ve been wanting!

I also love how you can pick out custom colors and fabrications:

And their satchel bags are just as cute; perfect for work!

Their shoes are all under $50 and their bags under $100. You can’t beat buying from an independent company with real leather products at such great prices!

Check out their shop on Etsy at Golden Ponies.

source: all images from golden ponies store on



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