Happy, happy friday all! i’m hoping you all are enjoying your weekend! i compiled a music playlist full of songs i heavily listened to in the early 90’s. some of the songs on the list came out before the 90’s but i wanted to include them since it was part of my teenage experience. 

When i was putting it together soo many memories flooded my head and i can still recall where i was when i was listening to certain songs. Janes Addiction and the Beastie Boys were constantly jamming in a car full of my very close girlfriends; as we went off into the Miami night.

Pearl Jam, Radio Head, Hole and MANY more artist were red hot on the music scene at the time in high-school; between the years of 91 through 94. Peter Murphy, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Violent Femmes were some of the artist we were dancing to when we went to the now long gone South Beach alternative clubs (when they were good), in my opinion. it was all about the dancing, i liked that part, don’t miss the rest.

And of course i had to throw in some Punk. Fugazi was my absolute favorite punk band at that time. and hole in the wall venues were our favorite spots to check out really great local bands in Miami. the best years for that were the 80’s early 90’s. i was only able to catch but a glimpse of it since by then i was a teen and most of all the cool local bands had broken up. 

But enough on my reminiscing, i can get lost in it for hours….

Maybe this refreshes some of your memories and for those of you who were younger in the 90’s this was what we grew up with if you were not into pop music back then. i do love my pop music now..


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