Happy Thursday all! hope your all doing great today! i’m doing a little intermission from my 90’s week blogging to do some fall 2011 collection blogging. as all you may know fall 2011 fashion week started today so i can’t help but want to blog about it. so you’ll see some random fashion blogging in between this week! just going to have fun with it and blog what ever fancies my interest..

I spotted some favorites among Rachel Zoe’s new fall 11 collection. of course she drew heavily on 70’s vintage inspiration. she also received some criticism on replicating a vintage dress exactly to the T from a Teen Vogue editorial she shot a while back. not sure if this is true because i have not seen them side by side. but this is always an issue in fashion and i understand where she is coming from. this is something me and Karen always discuss. the line between copying and/or bringing in your interpretation of design. so much information goes in the brain and sometimes things you do envision may be similar but really ALL has been done design silhouette wise. it’s about bringing in your creative eye, the execution and the craftsmanship. it’s also about making it better and bringing something new to it. it’s what makes it yours. it’s a very fine line and whether the criticism is right or not, pretty much all designers are influenced by the past. look at Marc Jacobs. he just does it soooo well, and you know it’s him!

Any-hoo here are the favorites:

I agree with Vogue’s review on the line, the outerwear are the stand out pieces. the faux fur coats look great! it’s pretty much the reason why i wanted to blog about it, love the coats!

This top is great! it’s a hard piece to find vintage wise, love bat wing tops!

Love the color, buttons and sleeve cuff detail in this one.
Ok toggle faux fur coats, yes please! i have a 70’s vintage one in the SHOP right now. amazed it’s not gone yet! check it out below!

Vintage 1970’s faux fox fur toggle coat found HERE!

source: all rachel zoe collection pictures are from refinary29.com.


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