Happy Wednesday! as many of you may recognize this is the famous Steven Meisel Vogue editorial called “grunge & glory” shot back in 1992. it brings back so many memories of my junior high / high school years. it was when grunge was at it’s peak. it also is now the famous collection and last collection before parting ways of Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. so many in the industry knocked this collection at the time, and even in a 1996 issue of Vogue that i have; goes as far as to say that this was the worst trend of the 1990’s! 

It’s funny now because the same who knocked it have now embraced it. the grunge movement is now considered classic. and as seen in the last few runway seasons it was heavily influenced by the grunge movement. everything truly does come back! and Marc Jacobs has always been a design genius! 

I definitely appreciate the long floral maxi dresses, combat booties and the beanies. i would not have minded having an original Nirvana t-shirt, although i think i can do without the flannel. i did not wear it much then. Miami is not flannel friendly!

I also love seeing old faces like Kristen Mcmenamy, she was one of my favorite models then! oh how times flys, now 1992 is officially 20 years ago next year! crazy.

Editorial: Vogue 1992 “Grunge & Glory” Steven Meisel


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