Happy February 1st! as i began this week i was feeling a little conquered. the juggling act of trying to accomplish has deemed itself to have run it’s course in my life. I like many have started past years speaking of resolutions even writing them down to only forgetting or giving up on them by 1st months end. i was sick and tired of them for those reasons and started this year not even thinking about one! instead i thought i would set my mind on doing what i needed to get done and just getting it done; to only fizzing out in the same way as the former. 

Then i listened to an encouraging series by Rick Warren (you can hear HERE) and it reminded me on two things A. Jesus B. accountability. 

Listening to the series also pretty much summed up what i already felt was true in my opinion, that resolutions don’t have much meaning. and learned, or more like it dawned on me that Goals have a much heavier weight. 

The series is truly helpful to ALL even if your faith differs, you can learn allot from it. 

So i set out what i new i should of done years ago: 
  • write down clear goals you want to accomplish in every area of your life (career, family, hobbies etc.).
  • pray about it.
  • have some one you trust who can encourage and keep you accountable (basically help you stay on track).
  • make them realistic and manageable, with time limits.
  • start today NOT tomorrow.  
Once you get your accountability partner:
  • be honest and truthful of short comings and face your pride
  • be humble and listen to constructive criticizem
  • track your progress, keep a log 
And remember that it will end up paying off in the end with it becoming more of a habit then a forced action!

I have done all of the above as of today February 1st! i even have turned it in to my accountability partner! I am so looking forward to tracking my progress and sharing my journey with my accountability partner/great friend!

I also will share some of them to encourage those who have struggled with this. it will also serve as a double accountability for me by sharing it with you all!

Thanks for listening! 



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