Happy Sunday all! i am hoping you are all having a blessed one. phew, what a week! i have allot of catching up to do and allot of shop updates to get going on! i apologize for the lack of updates both on the blog and the shop. i am not the best juggler when it comes to having two jobs; or maybe it’s better to say that i need to hone in on time management skills much better in order to maximize my time.

I was on our daily dog walks yesterday morning when i saw a sign in our neighborhood for a yard sale. i had no cash on me and had no intention on going, but the curiosity got the best of me and i went! 

Boy was i glad i went, because the person having the yard sale was an older fashion designer of hats. she was soo sweet and looked half her age! she had lots of goodies to sell on the cheap, since she was moving and wanted to get rid of allot of her stuff. i first nabbed a vintage 1970’s faux fur rabbit bomber jacket. i did not picture it yet until it hits le shop! it was my first “oh yeah” of the moment. next i spotted a box full of old Vogue magazines. all September and March issues starting from 1996-2006, all for a $1.00! i have one or two of them, but this was such a thrill since i now have a reference of past collections for all these past! i also have an archive library of magazines and these are a welcome edition.

I also got a book on the history of fashion design from Egypt trough the 1970’s. i LOVE fashion history so it was another score for $2.50! i also got vintage 1960’s fairy tale books, orginally her’s from her childhood. i did not picture these as well because it is a gift for two very special friends. the illustrations in them are amazing and the “aww” factor for me was buying them from the original owner!
Next were these two adorable vintage purses. her girlfriend was there selling her stuff too and these belonged to her grandmother, again i LOVE knowing that!

Next were vintage buttons to add to my vintage button collection. eventually i will use these for my future own clothing collection, which i am hoping to start working on this summer. the thought of using original vintage buttons on my designs has always been a goal. it will be very hard parting with them though!

how were your weekends? would love to hear and / or see it on your blogs. later on tonight i will be posting our family hiking pictures from yesterday!


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