Hi Guys! it’s been another emotionally exhausting and hectic week! besides what’s going on in my family i have been hectic with samples. yesterday while putting samples in my back trunk, i did not realize that my keys slipped out of my hand. and “slam” i shut the door! it would not have been a big deal if my trunk lever in my car was working, which “ha” it’s not. and the fact that it was night time in the middle of downtown, scary.

Luckily Karen (Misha LuLu) was in the area doing her errands, which i was suppose to meet up with her; so she was able to scoop me up to go ALL the way back home to get my spare keys. then Joe (Karen’s husband and part of Team Misha LuLu) drove me all the way back. but alas my spare key is a valet key and was not able to open my truck. but Joe came to the rescue this morning  by getting the trunk open and being able to get the samples and my keys, yay!

All of us at Team Misha LuLu have been pretty stressed trying to meet our deadline which was today. so my head has been pretty full of many things.

This picture reflects the type of room i would not mind being in right now. floral, cozy with a cup of tea in hand and a book in the other.

{don’t remember source, if you know please let me know}
Great picture of Chloe, and love the outfit too! i’m off to rest, we have a full day tomorrow / exciting, because we get to see all of our samples!

night night..


One comment

  1. yay for misha samples!! i love when the new stuff comes out (and samples hit the surplus store!)

    what a stressful story, glad you are surrounded by such a team. blessed!


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