Happy Monday guys! i want to start by saying THANK you for your prayers for my family, i feel so blessed to have such great blog reader friends who also sent me notes that they were! THANK you all!
Karen and I along with the rest of the Misha LuLu team have been craaazzy  trying to get all our fall 2011 samples done by this Wednesday! we all have literally been driving all around downtown L.A. area picking up stuff, dropping off stuff, making sure everyone has what they need, cutting, making calls, remembering to eat, trying to stay calm and praying allot. 

Days like these i need comfort. nothing speaks comfort to me like boyfriend jeans and t-shirt.

Downtown L.A. has the coolest architecture and the grittiest streets at the same time (i have to do a post on all the old buildings); so basically it’s pretty and ugly. a very big contradiction, but that’s the city for you.

Yeah i had a few minutes to spare between waiting for a pickup. i’m very silly, me and Zoe have lots of fun being weird. i’m also jumping with joy that the sun is finally out here in California. it’s been raining and cold for weeks. it was nice really needing a pair of shades again. and here i borrowed Zoe’s aviators from Vans. i quite like them allot; i like it better then the metal version personally.
Jeans: Levi’s mens jeans.
T-shirt: heather Alternative Apparel, my favorite type of shirt.
Boots: my original combat boots from the 90’s. 
Necklace: silver horse charm, vintage bought from a thrift for $5 buckaroos.
Shades: borrowed from Zoe, Vans.
These two items are always in my hands. a bag full of paper work (this bag also borrowed from Zoe). and on the other hand my phone. 

I’m off to work…


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