Hi Guys! i’m going to start out by saying today was a rough day. our family is going through a really rough situation right now. it’s been a sad an a clinging to God kind of day and i feel a little numb right now. your prayers would be much appreciated.

Me and Zoe went to hang out and i picked up the latest Urban Outfitters catalog. there is a few items i spied already which i have the vintage version in the shop. i’m going to do a caparison post later on this week, vintage vs. retail. so watch out for that!

I also spotted a look completely inspired from Pretty In Pink of course. who other then Andy wore this over 20 years ago. eeek can’t believe the 80’s seem so long ago now. it does not feel that way!

{source: UO early spring 11 catalog}

Can I actually get the original pair above. i like the design and colors much better. but i’m not complaining i’ll take all the UO’s ones too!

Favorite look in the movie is this one..

That vintage cardigan with the dragon design and lace peter pan collar, drool..

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday!



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