“Oh Marc Jacobs” i never tire of seeing your prettiness season after season. he is my top 5 favorite designers to watch every runway show. and it amazes me how he can manage to always be so retro every season yet not be dated at all. he’s soo darn good! the color pallete in this collection is so vibrant and beautiful. i am a very big color person and LOVE when designers use it. and the fabrics and prints, can we say perfect. slinky, soft, textured and pretty.

I’m sure you’ve seen his collection splashed on many blogs, but since my blog is like a journal of sorts, i just had to record this entry (i think i did an entry during fashion week). i am just smitten with this collection. oh and as a vintage seller, looks like the 1970’s is still going strong this year. it’s such a great decade to play around with style wise.


source: all pictures from and


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  1. Marc Jacobs is definitely a favorite of mine as well!!! The minute I set eyes on the first photo I was like, “Ooooh I like this girl.” I will definitely be reading your blog more in the future. ;] And couldn't agree more with the colors. Soooo perfect.

    <3 Deanna

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