Awww my first official post of the new year. phew this week has been hectic guys. we are hard at work at Misha LuLu headquarters getting fall 11 samples done for several collections by the end of next week, Friday to be exact. 

Zoe came along with me to work and we had allot of running around to do in down-town, getting fabrics which were not available and not told ahead of time. then running to see if i can source the fabric else where. then to the cutters. then to the screeners to cut what we call “blocks” to get our pretty samples printed. and to think that Miss Karen did ALL this on her own not to long ago! crazy, being an independent label is lotsa hard work and can be very stressful! but we love it and feel blessed to do it. can’t wait to see all the samples once they are done!

At the end of it all i asked Zoe if she learned anything about my job. she said “it is allot harder then i thought it was”. aww she learned well, and she is right Fashion is not what most young budding fashionistas in school think it may be. it is a business and the creative aspect of it is but a quarter of it.

It was nice to bring Zoe along with me today. so for my first post of the New Year it was only fitting to start with my beautiful daughter on what she wore on New Years Eve. 

She did me proud when i asked what she was going to where this night when she said “well mom, i saw a cute vintage dress on your rack i think i like”. the reason i was elated is 1. Zoe does not like wearing dress’s and skirts. i haven’t seen her in either in over 5 years. 2. she is not the biggest fan of vintage clothes. 

ok this coming from a girl who’s mommie is a fashion designer and loves vintage! my days where over when she turned 9 and i had ZERO influence on her wardrobe because “i know what i like, and i don’t want to wear that”. haha, i actually love that Zoe is her own person and not till recent has she gotten an interest in fashion. 

She also told me how she wanted to wear her hair. she wanted a messy loose bun with a romantic feel. i tried my best and she looked gorgeous!

And in true Zoe style she had chucks on the feet. she is a jeans, sneakers and t-shirt type of gal. she pulled it off though and i LOVED how the dress looked on her!

dress: is a vintage 1980’s strapless sweet heart dress complete with pockets (i love that).
coat: my furry gorilla coat bought at a thrift and is from forever 21.
wool cardigan: vintage 1960’s 
accessories: heart necklace is very old from Target. tights are from Target.
shoes: chucks on the feet.




  1. OMG! the Zoemiester is all grown up! i can't believe how AWESOME she looks in a dress. I think she should wear more dresses \m/

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