Happy Wednesday all! i had to think there for a moment what day it was, because this last week of the year seems to be flying by!

I’m doing a little blog catch up. i have a few in my pending folder that i just did not get posted. so you will be seeing a few old post, such as some of my outings and “chick night”, just feels wrong not to post them!

The following are snap shots of Unique L.A.. the event that Misha LuLu had a booth at a few weeks back. 

Karen & Joe did such a great job at making the booth looking oh so cute and original! complete with a hand made banner from (i think) was a vintage bed sheet or curtain.

It was such a pleasure working the booth because i got to see first hand Misha LuLu fans! it was neat seeing how mom’s were raging about the clothes, even some dad’s too! i think the highlight for me was when a mom came looking for Karen to give her a Christmas card, which her beautiful daughter was wearing Misha LuLu and told Karen she pretty much only dresses her in Misha LuLu

I also heard a story from the previous day on how one girl was so enthusiastic meeting Karen, it was as if she saw her favorite rock star! that just makes me all the more proud working for such a loved brand. there is truly allot of heart and soul poured into it and it’s nice seeing how it pays off in the end when a customer lets you know how much they LOVE the clothing! 

Misha LuLu girls! they are all sooo cute!

Karen and i.

Karen and Bela.

The most stylish 6 year old i know. Bela already has “her own style” sense. she knows what she likes and has an eye for wanting something unique and different, just like her mama.

How cute are her shoes. i want a pair! down to the cute ditzy socks..

Citlali of Color Land shared a booth with Misha LuLu there. she has a cute blog you can check out HERE.

Grandma Chol shared a booth too. so much lovely hand made items. she is such a talented crocheter. i bought the cutest beanie for a special girl from her. hand made make such a perfect gift!

Dainty June had a booth there. i saw a dress i wanted from their past collection at a bargain price, except i had no cash and that’s all they were excepting…bummer.

Bela and her friends could not get enough of this button booth, they were repeat customers. i had to admit there buttons art was very cute. one of many booths i wanted to shop at!

Carolina from Flea Market Girl was selling their goods there too! they offer the best jewelry at amazing prices. they also carry a bag line designed by Carolina in great leathers, designs, and very well constructed too.

I want the animal skull necklaces and the feather ones. so many great designs to choose from! check out Flea Market Girl on-line shop HERE.

I definitely recommend going to Unique next year! it is well worth the $10 dollar admission fee to be able to buy from an array of very talented independent designers!


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